"Made In"

Game is still in very early stage but is very playable.

It's a puzzle game based in factory/warehouse environment, basically you're getting some parts and by using various machines you have to combine those parts into useful objects that are required to complete the mission.

There is variety of means to achieve the goal, from simple conveyor belts to complex logic gates constructions.

As for the time being there is not many puzzles available but game include puzzle editor so you can create and share with others your own puzzle.

Hopefully thanks to this feature there will be a lot more content available in no time, before I will be able to release any major upgrade.


In regards to puzzle editor, I don't think I've mentioned this anywhere in the tutorial but after setting up everything and pressing upload button you have to complete your own puzzle to verify it. Only after veryfication you will be able to name, sign and share your level.

Any feedback appreciated.